World of Warcaft Dire Maul Tips, Notes, and Other Info

Alongside the dungeons, the zone includes an arena for PvP where players from the same faction can fight to the end.


Dire Maul North is remembered with fondness by many raiders as one of the primary sources of world buffs that were essential to defeating bosses during raids in the past. In what was known as"a "tribute run," participants disguised as ogres in order to escape guards, and later become the kings of the Gordok tribe to gain extra loot and buffs. It was among the first dungeons that Blizzard created in which alternative routes, such as the ability to skip bosses was encouraged.

Alongside the dungeons, the zone includes an arena for PvP where players from the same faction can fight to the end. Sometimes bosses appear in the center of the arena, giving random world drops. mining these NPCs has been proven to be an effective method of obtaining Orb of Deception, as each rare has an increased than usual chance to drop it.

Dire Maul is a three-wing example found within northcentral Feralas. It was once an eminent Highborne city, known as Eldre'Thalas and is now in ruin, surrounded by satyrs, ogres, and the undead. A tiny fraction of the initial Highborne inhabitants remain as a violent sect known as the Shen'dralar. The range of enemy levels is 36-52, however it was previously one of the most powerful pre-Burning Crusade instances prior to having its range decreased with Patch 4.0.3a. Dire Maul was created for groups of five players, and players must be 31 levels to be able to enter into the Warpwood Quarter or 37 to be able to enter Gordok Commons or the Capital Gardens or Gordok Commons.

Dire Maul contains three wings in two different instances. The wings are referred to as Dire Maul East, West and North. Both the West and North wings are incorporated into a single instance, and connected through The Athenaeum. In the middle of Dire Maul, connecting the three wings is an open space filled with ogres, and housing an exclusive PvP arena. The arena, which is an oval pit that has entrances and exits on both the west and east sides it is similar to the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale in the sense that "free for everyone" PvP is allowed within the confines of the arena. Every six hours, a unique mob appears within this arena (Skarr The Unbreakable or The Razza or Mushgog). The mobs are able to drop BoE blue objects.

The entryways into Capital Gardens (Dire Maul West) and Gordok Commons Capital Gardens (Dire Maul West) as well as Gordok Commons (Dire Maul North) Gordok Commons (Dire Maul North) are now unlocked in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm (previously locked, and could only be opened using the Crescent Key or a [Powerful Seaforium Chargeor [Elemental Seaforium charge], a rogue who has Lockpicking of 300 or more and also by a blacksmith with either the [Arcanite Skeleton Keyor [Cobalt Skeleton Keyor [Titanium Skeleton keyand the Gordok Commons (Dire Maul North)). It is possible to obtain the Crescent Key could be obtained by defeating an imp Pusillin within Dire Maul East. Along with allowing access to other areas of the game The Crescent Key allowed characters to access into the Capital Gardens (Dire Maul East) by taking a shortcut to the Lariss Pavillion, which is located directly to the north from Camp Mojache.

Warpwood Quarter

Warpwood Quarter (aka Dire Maul East) is taken over by the evil Alzzin the Wildshaper A satyr who has altered the fruit of Fertility tree to the point that it is producing horrible (Felvine Shards). Alzzin has attracted all sorts of corrupted plant life demons, satyrs and mages in his quest. The entire area is overgrown with wild plant life. Dire Maul East is considered to be the most simple one of three wings. It does not require a key to access it.

Capital Gardens

Capital Gardens (a.k.a Dire Maul West) is haunted by ghosts and skeletons of the deceased Highborne, and also hosts various arcane creatures, such as mana surges and ancients. The most famous inhabitants of Dire Maul West is Immol'thar the demon who was imprisoned on this planet through the Prince Tortheldrin. A few millennia ago the Prince, assisted by his Shen'dralar comrades created five mystical pylons to tie Immol'thar in order that they could draw his energy and sustain their eternal existence. Warlocks have to go to the prison to summon their dreadsteed to complete an N-Warrior quest.|} [60D] Dreadsteed from Xoroth. Tendris Warpwood is an enslaved Ancient of War is also found within Dire Maul West. Alliance Paladins must kill him in order to complete the quest A Paladin|Paladin's} Ancient Equine Spirit (60D) in order to get their charger. Additionally, Tendris Warpwood also guards the entrance from Dire Maul West into Immol'thar's prison, from which players can gain access to The Athenaeum.

Gordok Commons

Gordok Commons (a.k.a Dire Maul North) is regarded as the most difficult, or at a minimum, the most intriguing and unique part of Dire Maul. The area is currently inhabited by an ogre tribe called Gordok. Gordok. Dire Maul is unique in that players who visit it can choose from a variety of. They can, in the typical way, kill all the bosses within the area for rare rewards or make use of a variety of crafting, questing , and sneaking tasks to complete the "tribute race." In a tribute run , the players only kill King Gordok who is the head of the Gordok tribe, and keep all the bosses in play. In exchange for avoiding the lives of the other bosses in the instance The characters are awarded higher quality, but less rare items from the tribute chest. Additionally to this, the Gordok declare the characters Kings, and grant access to various two-hour buffs as well as an N quest The Unfinished Gordok Business.

Making Dire Maul in one go

A few tips to complete Dire Maul in just one visit:

Begin by using Dire Maul East to find the key.

Plan to do a Tribute Run. Make sure to keep the Captain Kromcrush as well as Stomper Kreeg alive by completing quests that are available to them once the tribute run has been completed.

Make sure to talk to the Shen'dralar Ancient before you kill Immol'thar.

It is necessary to kill Immol'thar in order to make Prince Tortheldrin hostile, and also to steal the chest that is behind the Prince to complete the Captain Kromcrush's quest.

Dire Maul East

You can enter through northwestern direction (there are three ways to enter) or go to the room and talk to Pusillin (#1 in the maps) located at the corner of northwest, by the walkway that is broken, to make him move (this is located on the second floor of the room where Old Ironbark, #2 on the map, is located in). Chase Pusillin to the north east corner of the main room, and then talk with him once more.

Go east to the room with the big windows and then go up (#5 in the maps). Talk to him again and combat him. Take the [Crescent Keyfrom his body.

If you go back to the main room, you can turn south to enter a huge area (#3 in the maps). Three bosses are in this room (Hydrospawn, Lethtendris, and Zevrim Thornhoof) However, only Zevrim Thornhoof has to be defeated to complete Dire Maul East.

After you've killed Zevrim Thornhoof, climb the staircase that spirals down to reach the room that houses the Old Ironbark (#2 in the maps). Talk to him and have him open the door that is on the north side. Follow the path to #4.

In the final room , make your way through one end of the circular. remove the mobs that are that are in front to Alzzin the Wildshaper, then kill him.

Take the Felvine Shard, which is the red crystals that are located close to the back of the thorny vine, provided you own N 60D Shards of Felvine (can be obtained at level 56). This quest requires the pre-requisite N [60] A Reliquary of Purity. It will take the player to Silithus.

Also called DM or DM, it is an abbreviation that is shared with The Deadmines. If you are unsure, verify the status of the person who is asking for an organization (shift click on their name). Some players attempt to keep their players from confusion, by using abbreviations like Dire Maul in the form of DiM and the Deadmines in the direction of VC (after The Deadmines' final boss, Edwin VanCleef). It's not always the case, however, as prior to the dungeon finder , people who ran Dire Maul would abbreviate what part of Dire Maul they are running, i.e. : Dire Maul: East (DM East), Dire Maul: North (DM North), etc.

Dire Maul is one of seven five-man instances added to the game by patch, with the other six are Maraudon, Magisters' Terrace, Trial of the Champion, Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection.

It appears Dire Maul in an early stage was intended to be a dungeon of level 34-41 within Thousand Needles (see this graphics from Blizzard)

The game World of Warcraft: The Comic, Dire Maul is prominently featured as the site for the annual Crimson Ring championship gladiator matches. The gladiatorial events begin with single combat matches and every team that who can make it through the individual trials without injury can progress to team combat matches in order to compete for the team championship. It is believed that players of teams that could not advance to team combat games continue to participate in single combat matches in order to compete for one-on-one combat championship(such such as the bloodeye redfist). Rehgar Earthfury's teammade up of amnesiac Varian of Wrynn Broll Bearmantle and Valeera Sanguinar, won over the team champions from last year: Giago, Two-Heads, and Brlee (members of the Gordunni Clan of Ancient Draenor).