WoW Burning Crusade Classic Mining Guide

The main gathering profession for Engineering, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Jewelcrafting is Mining.


Welcome to this guide to Classic Burning Crusade Mining! Outlands features three new mining nodes that have more opportunities to make use of them than ever before. With the arrival of the new Burning Crusade profession Jewelcrafting, Mining has become more profitable than ever before!

The main gathering profession for Engineering, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Jewelcrafting is Mining. It's the only skill that is closely connected to many manufacturing jobs.

What exactly is Burning Crusade Classic Mining?

To locate precious metals, valuable gemstones and raw gems, miners head to ore nodes. With Jewelcrafting, there are an even greater number of gems to be found. Mining can also produce Mote of Earth and Mote of Fire, which are used to make the related Primals as well as other products like Elemental Blasting Powder for Engineers.

To locate the metal nodes on their minimap, miners may make use of the tracking feature Find Minerals.

The Top Professions to Match with Mining

Mining is the only skill that is associated with three careers that include Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and Engineering. As such, demand is expected to be extremely high.

It is also possible to use in a double-gatherer strategy, that is for those who would rather farm. It can be used with either Herbalism or Skinning. It's easier to use with Skinning, since it doesn't require switching between tracking the way you would when pairing Mining with Herbalism. It's not possible to track mining nodes if you are also tracking other things. There are mods that can help you solve this problem. TrackingSwitcher allows you to switch between Find Herbs or Find Minerals every few seconds, even though you're not engaged in combat.

Best Classes and Races to Learn Mining

Mining does not confer any advantages over any other race or class. Unlike with Herbalism, Druids will drop out of their flight form as mining nodes.

Differentialities in Mining Between Retail and Burning Crusade Classic

There are a variety of major differences in the way Mining operates between Retail and TBC. TBC and Classic Mining have very little in common.

Multiple Miners can harvest one node in Retail until it vanishes in 1 minute. This change was made by Mists of Pandaria. In TBC the node is gone as soon as the first person is able to hit it.

TBC limits what you can mine. You can still succeed in mining Nodes within your range of skill. In Retail Skill levels do not determine whether you'll succeed, but rather how much your yield from ore will be.

TBC does not offer Mining experience. Retail Mining gives an insignificant amount of experience. This change was implemented in Cataclysm.

In Retail it is possible to track multiple objects, including ore, plants, fish, and any number of Hunter tracking options. TBC allows you to only track one type of object at once.

New Outlands Mines in Burning Crusade Classic

Four new mining nodes have been added added to Burning Crusade Classic:

Fel Iron Deposit (300 minimum mining level )- yields 1-9 Fel Iron Ore. All Outlands zones; the most abundant in Hellfire Peninsula.

Adamantite Deposit (325 minimum mining level) - yields 1-9 Adamantite Ore. All Outlands zones, with the exception of Hellfire Peninsula. Most abundant in Nagrand and Blade's Edge Mountains.

Rich Adamantite Deposit (350 minimum mining level) - yields 1-12 Adamantite Ore. In all Outlands zones Rare spawn of the Rich Adamantite Deposit.

Khorium Vein (375 min. level) yields 1-8 Khorium Ore. These are the rarest spawns of any Outlands mineral nodes. They are often Adamantite/Rich Adamantite. Extremely rare in Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh. It is most prevalent in areas of large turnovers and Adamantite density, such as Nagrand.

Alongside the core metal ore, Mines can produce Mote of Fire and/or Mote of Earth, Eternium Ore, and green or blue quality raw gems for Jewelcrafting. If you're looking for additional mining products this table will show how likely you are to get your target items. Strangely, Adamantite is not believed to produce Motes of Fire.

The chart clearly shows that Jewelcrafters should not rely only on Mining to get raw gems. The yield , even for the most effective option, a Khorium Vein, barely squeaks around 2.2%. Prospecting is a more reliable method to get the raw gems you will require, but Prospecting Khorium is probably an investment that will not yield a high return.

A separate guide will include the mining routes within Burning Crusade Classic. This guide will be made available in the near future.

New Mining Bag in Burning Crusade Classic

Reinforced Mining Bag is an 28-slot Mining Bag made by leatherworkers with a craft of 325. The recipe is available from Revered reputation, Kurenai or The Mag'har.

Endgame Nodes (Khorium, Eternium).


Khorium Ore is essential to endgame crafting in TBC. Khorium Bar is required to perform the highest level of Blacksmithing and Engineering Patterns. The highest-level gems are obtainable straight from the ore.

Khorium Vein is the one that will allow it to be gated. It can be located throughout the Outlands. To farm most effectively However the two best zones are Nagrad and the Isle of Quel'Danas. While Khorium technically spawns most in Zangarmarsh but is far too vast to be useful to farm, it's the most efficient option.

Instead instead, in Nagrand expand the Rich Adamantite route to include Twilight Ridge and make sure you pass through the Ring of Trials. The route is almost identical If you're not concerned. The Isle of Quel'Danas is particularly valuable to explore due to its small size. Although there are less veins than other regions, making the circuit takes only a small amount of time.


Eternium Ore is a rare item that can be found in all nodes in the Outlands. The highest probability of dropping is shared by higher-level deposits like Khorium Vein and Adamantite deposit. It is therefore impossible to farm Eternium. It is best to select from other minerals that you'd like to cultivate and then devote a lot of energy into it. You'll be sure to discover Eternium.