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There are topics which are very offensive to many and some social media platforms will punich me for posting or discussing them. With that being said, I formed this group as a safe haven to post truth regardless of opinion or feelings. You may join or not, either way, i shall leave it public so that it can still be viewed by those seeking this knowledge! Shalom! The Judahite




These are examples of the curses the children of Israel suffer today! We are in the land of our
captivity and rely on our oppressor to free us from oppression. #makeitmakesense!

In this world people can be pursuaded to support or follow something based on feelings or opinions. In the spirit realm, these feelings and opinions have no power. The spirit realm deals with what is, what was, and what shall be. This allows Him who is, was, and shall be to maintain absolute power and authority. - This post here is in respect to instructions given about mixing our seed with those considered our enemies and/or not of the stock of abraham. This was forbidden but this society not only allows it, but goes to great lengths to promote it, causing it to become the norm! For a black man (Israelite) to make an acceptable black (Israelite) child, he need a black (Israelite) woman! There is no discussion, for the truth establishes things to be what they are.


This group is for the children of the tribe of Judah who are willing to search out the truth, defend it, and teach it to their neighbor! Shalom & Welcome to the New Group!